Review, Swatches | Chanel Illuminating Blush Powder in Pêche Rosée

Chanel Spring-Summer makeup collection came out and it’s been a while that I’ve been this excited about a blush. By “a while” I mean three weeks and by “excited” I mean I’ve stopped battling my conscience and just decided to buy the damn thing as soon as I saw it.

Chanel’s Illuminating Blush Powder in the shade Pêche Rosée looked right up my alley, and I was not mistaken. The colour is a warm peach, almost orange, with a strong gold sheen, something that always looks great on my very yellow complexion. It’s a beautiful colour, with a beautiful shine, but it’s not particularly unique.

Besides the colour, what really excited me was that it’s a powder-gelée formula, which is probably my favourite formula for complexion products of all time. It’s a dense, firmer formula that will not have any powder kick up in the pan, and that needs a denser brush to pick up a reasonable amount of product for application. The best thing about this formula is that the more you blend it into the skin, the more the shine comes through and the more natural it looks on the cheeks. And, even though the heavy swatch looks almost like a terracota orange, this shade is impossible to overdo. I kept applying it and applying it, and it kept looking like soft peach with an illuminating sheen.

Chanel Illuminating Blush Powder in Pêche Rosée: heavy swatch on the left, blended on the right

The product comes in a traditional Chanel compact with a velvet pouch, but the Chanel logo that is usually white has a bronze colour. Inside the compact there is a mirror and a plastic lid that covers the blush, with a flat rounded brush on top. The size of this blush is gigantic – 14 grams! That’s double what some of my face powders contain – you know, those powders that go all over the face, not just the cheeks. I could feel that it was a pretty hefty amount even before I opened it, the compact is pretty heavy. Better have more than less, I guess, but there’s no way I’m ever going to see pan on this thing.

This is probably the most redundant purchase I’ve ever done. I already have this colour, I already have this formula, I already have Chanel blushes. Yet, I don’t regret it. It’s a great product. It’s pricey, and you are likely to find a shade like this for much less, but this one is a winner. I certainly recommend it.

One thought on “Review, Swatches | Chanel Illuminating Blush Powder in Pêche Rosée

  1. Chanel is one of my favorite beauty brands but funnily enough I never tried any of their blushes. I’m a big fan of Nars blushes and my blush collection is mainly Nars. This one from the Chanel spring-summer collection looks wonderful though!


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