Review, Swatches | Guerlain Pink Pearl Météorites (Spring 2021)

After getting everything and anything that has ever been on my beauty wish list the past year, this year I’ve been trying to curb my spending, specially when it comes to makeup. I’ve been pretty successful thus far. This is the first makeup item I got in 2021, so you know it has to be something special.

It combines two of my favourite things: Guerlain’s Météorites and blush.

Packaging is beautiful, can’t deny that, but somewhat disappointing. Only because it’s so similar to the permanent collection Météorites powders. Guerlain knows how to make these little tins in fun and different colours for their limited edition collections, so I’m sad they didn’t really do it this time. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful item, very luxurious, and holds 25 grams of product – a giant amount by any makeup standard.

Pink Pearl is a translucent medium-toned reddish pink shade. The finish has a luminous quality to it – it’s not shiny, it’s definitely not matte, it’s just… luminous. The powder is not uber pigmented but builds up nicely. On me it turns out this is the same shade of my skin’s natural redness. When I applied, it was really hard to tell this was powder and not just my blushed cheeks. The powder blends seamlessly, and I really had to give myself a neck kink trying to tilt my head near the lit mirror of the bathroom to find those tiny shimmer particles that prove this is a powder and not flushed skin.

You can see the pink swatch on my hand. Look, I know it’s not intense, but that’s the nature of this powder: it’s a softer, more translucent type of coverage.

I had high expectations, like always when it comes to Guerlain Météorites. But I was taken aback by this one. Let me explain why:

I did a wear test of this product the other day. We’re staying at my parents house for this second quarantine (at least we see more family this way). Since I wasn’t going anywhere nor had to turn my camera on for any zoom meetings, I didn’t bother to do an entire face of makeup. Foundation helps with longevity anyway, so applying this on bare skin seems like a truer test. And I applied it on just one cheek. Easier to check how much it fades by comparison with the other cheek (and also an indicator of how much I can’t be bothered these days).

I also had a huge pimple on my nose. It is important for you to know this because of what I’m about to say.

You know this is some good sh*t when you apply this (just this! no other makeup!) on just one cheek (ONE CHEEK!) and your mother passes you by, does a double take, turns back around and says “your skin looks amazing”.

My mother is not one to compliment when undeserved. She just told me today my eyeshadow looks wonky (unprovoked).

Magic in a tin, people. These are some serious catfishing pearls.

This lasted 8 hours before starting to slightly fade, and at the 10 hour mark it was still very much there. It has the traditional Météorites violet scent – I love it, but it is strong, which might be it’s only fault, at least for people with higher sensitivity to fragrance.

Strong longevity, blends like a dream, nice color payoff, but most importantly, Pink Pearl is no stranger to that trait that makes Météorites so unique in the makeup scene: it makes skin look smooth, textureless (not a word, I know, but it should be) and just better. This is limited edition for Spring 2021, so… run, don’t walk.

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