Review | Sisley Super Soin Tinted Sun Care SPF 30 (shade 1-Natural)

Is it a sunscreen? Is it a foundation? Most importantly, is it worth it?

I first heard about this product from Michele Wang, when she mentioned in a video that this was great as a foundation because the coverage was pretty good. She has dry skin and loves this, but she mentioned another beauty reviewer with oilier skin also loved it, so it seems to be a product that adapts well to multiple skin types. This sparked my curiosity and stayed in the back of my mind, because my wallet wouldn’t allow it to go to the back of my drawer.

That is until I saw that my shade was 60% off at a local beauty store (Perfumes & Companhia). So I jumped at the opportunity.

Even at 60% off, it’s the most expensive foundation I own. Cost me 55€ instead of 137,50€. Thank god for boxing day sales, I wouldn’t be half as bougee otherwise.

I’m very fond of this type of product: strong SPF, easy to apply with just your hands, practical for everyday and quick to put on and run out the door. You know, when I used to do that: run out the door. Because I used to be chronically late to work. That’s how quarantine’s gotten me… working from home for a full year is making me miss being late.

Coming back to denial a more positive note, the pigmentation on this product is high enough to be a medium to full coverage foundation. The cream texture is pretty thick, but easy to spread, and the finish is the best part: super natural, very skin like, with a bit of luminosity without being actually dewy. I do need to powder it though, because my skin is kind of tacky if I don’t.

The lasting power was also positively surprising. Without primer or powder, by the 9 hour mark, the coverage was still pretty much there, apart from the nose where it was a bit faded (which is normal for me, I’m constantly touching my nose and I wore a mask during this wear test), and it only settled slightly on my one expression mark on my forehead – but again, every foundation will do that, specially if I don’t set them with powder and/or setting spray.

A downside to this is the fragrance. It is pungent. A strong rose scent that’s very noticeable and even though it doesn’t linger throughout the whole day, it would be enough to make me weary if I had sensitive skin.

Another downside is the short shade range. There’s only 5 shades and I wear the second lightest, 1- Natural; it’s a tad bit darker than my skintone (my shade in MAC foundations, for reference, is between a NC20 and a NC25; in Make Up For Ever foundations is Y315). It’s normal for tinted moisturizers to have smaller shade ranges because they’re usually sheerer, but in this case the coverage is pretty opaque, and being a sunscreen you’re not supposed to wear this sparingly or sheered out, so there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the shade offering.

Sisley Tinted Sun Care shade 1-Natural comparison with Shiseido’s UV Protective liquid foundation (SP40 Medium Ivory) and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation (Y315)

All in all, is this worth it? Well, even though I very much love this product, I would not pay full price for it. For 55€, yes, I would repurchase – but it’s not a perfect product to me to be worth 137€, specially not with that amount of fragrance. If you’re willing/able to spend that amount, heavily scented products don’t bother you, and you can find your shade in this short range, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This is a pretty solid product that performs wonderfully. The problem is that the downsides exclude a large range of people from enjoying this.

3 thoughts on “Review | Sisley Super Soin Tinted Sun Care SPF 30 (shade 1-Natural)

  1. Wow… 137€ it is a lot for a tinted moisturiser. From your review, I gather the quality of the product is excellent but still so, I would never spend that amount on any makeup product. You were lucky to get it for 55€.

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    1. Totally. I wouldn’t risk it at 137€, specially being a tinted moisturizer like you said. I mean for that price it would have to make my skin absolutely perfect, make me look at least 5 years younger, AND wash my dishes.

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