5 Style Essentials That Made My Life Easier

…because my life is so hard.

First world problems aside, I hope I’ve caught your attention with the overdramatic tittle, because theses pieces are actually something that you don’t see often listed in articles about building a minimalist/capsule/insert_basic_word_here wardrobe.

Black Tank Top

Forget the white T, get the black tank (skin coloured are also handy). I actually do not own any t-shirts (the T shape is unflattering to me), but regardless of form, I never understood why white, as a basic colour that goes with everything, is so much popular than black. White is see-through. If dressed down too much, it can look like a pyjama top. Black is serious, stern, and thinning. Even if dressed down, it still looks very classic. A black tank top is also your best friend when wearing sheer lace or organza tops.

Opaque Tights

Again with the black – but any colour serves the purpose. Opaque tights, by covering the legs completely, allow me to wear very short items. Short shorts, mini-skirts, small jumpers – they can still look conservative enough for the office if paired with opaque black tights. Plus, there’s a whole slew of warmer, thicker tights nowadays – Primark has one with a fuzzier texture on the inside – so we don’t have to suffer anymore if we want to wear skirts during the winter.

Fluffy Socks

Okay, stay with me.

I know this isn’t a sexy piece, but if you’re a) always freezing cold like me or b) your winter boots could be snugger to your feet, this is the answer. I’m a 35 in shoe size, but for winter boots, I always get a 36 – mainly because that’s the smaller number many brands make, but also I’m actually very comfortable (and warm) with thick, fluffy socks that serve as extra padding for my feet. This is the most comfortable way to wear winter footwear, for me.

White(ish) Button-Down Shirt

This is probably the most consensual piece of this list. It took me a while, but once I got one, there was no going back. Buttons and collars make anything look instantly chic, and this piece can elevate any outfit you pair it with. Under thicker knits, as a flow-y summer “jacket”, or as a blouse in itself, it’s a very versatile piece.

Wide Sleeve Coat/Cape

If you wear chunky, oversized knits, get one of these, and thank me later. I have a lot of tops that have larger sleeves – bell shaped, puffy, or just thicker than typical – and I’m also very cold. I can’t leave the house without a coat in the winter. Capes and wide sleeve coats are the solution. Your arms aren’t gonna look like a stuffed sausage and your blood flow to your hands won’t be cut-off.

Photos by Sir Fiancé.

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