Makeup Tag Week 2020! Day 3 – Drugstore Makeup Tag

After two tags in a row dedicated to wallet torturing products, it’s time for the drugstore tag. I have seen it before in Youtube videos, but it was The Book and the Beauty‘s take on it that reminded me of including in it this week.

Makeup Tag Week is a series of posts of my answers to popular makeup tags spanning one week, one tag a day. Why? ‘Cause whenever I see someone else do tags I end up wasting waaaaay too much time trying to answer them for myself, and I thought I would give a better end use to my procrastination excuse.

Note: there is one affiliate link marked with *. That means if you click it and purchase something through it, I make a small commission, which in turn helps maintain this blog. If you prefer not to support this little shack that way, that’s ok, the product is available through the regular website link 😉

1. If you could only use one drugstore/affordable brand, what would it be?

I guess it would have to be Catrice. I have and enjoy all types of products across the range (eyeshadow, cheek, base products, lipstick) and their limited edition collections are fun and usually well executed.

2. What’s the most underrated drugstore/affordable brand?

Kiko. And H&M. Both have giant ranges and some high end comparable items.

3. What’s the most overrated drugstore/affordable brand?

Rimmel – I don’t think the brand itself is overrated, but some of their star product (Rimmel Stay Matte powder, the brow pencil) haven’t worked for me.

4. What is your favorite drugstore product under $5?

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk*. There is really nothing like this out there – I guess a white gel eyeliner would work the same, but even if you manage to find one, it’s probably more expensive. Plus, it might be the Jumbo Pencil packaging, but these things don’t dry out. I’ve had mine for more years than is politically correct to say and it’s creamy and opaque as ever.

5. What is a hidden gem from the drugstore that no one talks about?

Do the H&M Gliterati liners count as drugstore? If not, then the Milani Stay Put Waterproof eyeliners. I have shades Stay with Slate and Fixed on Plum, which are dark grey and, well, plum. They last really well on the waterline.

6. What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. One of my all time favorites.

7. What products do you tend to buy more at the drugstore vs. high-end?

Mascara, eyeliners and everything lip (lipsticks, lip liners, etc).

8. What drugstore brand do you think is overpriced?

L’Óreal – at least here in Portugal. I remember when I got my first L’Óreal lipstick, more than 10 years ago. It was 21€, ridiculously overpriced. MAC lipsticks were 15,50€ at the time.

9. What’s your favorite drugstore dupe?

Catrice’s My First Copperware Party and MAC’s Satin Taupe eyeshadow. This is a pretty unique shade of taupe and these two are twins. I’m not sure if the Catrice shade is still available though, they have a nasty habit of discontinuing products.

10. What’s the best drugstore eyeshadow formula?

For single shadows, probably Wet n’ Wild, even though their range is minuscule. Here pictured is Brulée, which is absolutely amazing.

11. What’s the worst drugstore eyeshadow formula?

I don’t know because I don’t tend to buy things that don’t have good reviews. In my collection, the worst offenders are some Essence eyeshadows from limited editions, but honestly most of Essence’s shadows are really good.

12. Drugstore brand you used to love but aren’t crazy about anymore?

Revlon. When I first got into makeup, the Colorstay foundation was my savior. I loved their eyeliners as well. But over the years better things have come out from other brands and they have not been able to keep up.

13. Drugstore product you didn’t expect to like but totally wowed you?

Makeup Revolution Pro Sculpt and Glow duo in Sands of Time. I’m iffy about Makeup Revolution. I don’t like brands that got their rise to fame by being copycats of other brands. However, their Pro line seems to stand on its own and I decided to try this after seeing it in Tarababyz’ favorites video. I thought it would be ok – it wasn’t. It was amazing. The softest, smoothest powders I ever found at a low price point.

14. Favorite affordable eyeshadow palette right now?

ColourPop Going Coconuts eyeshadow palette. By God, are these shadows good.

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