H&M Glitterati Mascara Liners (review, swatches)

When I arose from my 2 month confinement, brushed my hair and put on shoes that were not slippers to go to an H&M on my first post-quarantine visit to a mall, my eyes (and mind) were so accustomed to gloom and darkness that anything that glittered was gold bought.

And these were on sale for 2 euros each. Cheap, just the way I like my glitter to be. Lucky for me these turned out to be oh my god so good.

Why are these not raved about more??

I got all the colours that were still available. Unfortunately they didn’t have the pink shade, Nebula, so I ended up with these four:

That’s how I imagine scratches from Nyan Cat would look like.

From left to right:

  • Starlight: multicoloured glitter on a clear base; this is the only shade that is not densely packed, though it’s not sparse either;
  • Moonstruck: silver glitter on a clear base;
  • Andromeda: gold glitter on a yellow tinted base;
  • Made of Stars: gold, orange and black glitter on a darkened base – I think it’s gray, but the overall effect is an olive green colour.

I’ve tried my share of glitter liners (Urban Decay, Too Faced, NYX) and the major difference I’ve noticed is that the high-end, more expensive ones would last a lot longer and the glitter would stay put. A test I would make is I would swatch them on my hand and rub the swatches. With the NYX glitter liners the glitter would go everywhere, but with Urban Decay and Too Faced the glitter stayed put. And so does the h&m glitter.

Swatches after severely rubbed. I even took the photo out of focus to make any loose glitter more obvious – there were 3 specks scattered across my hand that not even the camera was able to pick up.

Glitter me impressed. The specks are tiny, so they will never look gaudy. They’re surprisingly easy to remove – you’ll still have a few flecks around the face, but considering how much of a b*tch glitters usually are to take off, that’s a huge plus. According to one of the very few reviews I saw on these liners, it’s possible that the formula (or maybe specific shades) may irritate your eyes – I personally haven’t experienced any irritation with any shade, but my eyelids are not the most sensitive out there.

Double duty applicator: mascara and eyeliner.

The applicator has a ridged surface to be able to be used as a mascara topper. If you want a lot of glitter on your lashes I suggest you do just one pass because the second one starts to remove the glitter initially deposited. It’s fun, but I personally prefer them as eyeliners. You do have to dip back several times to get an intense glitter line, but that’s common to any glitter liner I’ve ever tried, and these in particular are very densely packed.

There is 4 ml of product in each glitter. I recommend them at any stage of glitter love you’re in: curious and coy, seasoned and experienced or full blown slut. For 2 euros each, honestly, I gotta catch them all.

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