Fashion Faux Pas – Furla, you little monster!

I’m someone who prides herself in wearing everything they buy. Things don’t get forgotten. I have a lot of stuff – queue the sad violin my fiancé is playing after getting his space cut in half to make room for my 5 giant wardrobes I brought in when we moved in together.

And yet, my conscience is clear, because I’m not taking up space wastefully – I wear everything in my closet. Regularly.

Except for this.

Yep. I bought a purse with a mohawk.

The year was 2018, the city was Rome, we were vacationing and wandering through the shopping streets on sale season, feeling fashionable and boogie in the Furla counter, and I thought a bag with hair was a good ideia.

This annihilates any style credibility I might have gathered with the #notmydadsneakers post, I realise that.

Just to be clear: I love the bag. I don’t care what non’yall say. It’s colourful. It’s irreverent. I can pet it. The problem, as with anything in this Fashion Faux Pas series, is that it’s so damn hard to wear it.

Give me a cane and a top hat and I’m ready to model for Johnnie Walker’s label.

The bright colours scream Summer to me, their vibrancy contrast too drastically with the muted colours of Fall and Winter, but the black strap and the structured material makes it’s somewhat too heavy for a light Summer outfit.

Plus, there are 4 colours to the piece: pink, red, yellow and black. So I have to be careful to not add any more than, or variations of, said colours, risking looking like a county fair walking commercial. I mean, there’s already a wild animal printed on the purse.

Sir Fiancé says I’m looking at my imaginary dog.

Of course I can always wear it with an all black outfit. But I aim for a bit more interest.

Hence the coat. A piece that’s not that easy to wear in and of itself, the pink overcoat doesn’t clash with the pink of the bag and actually gives it a bit more context. I kept the rest plain so that nothing was competing with the brighter pieces: a black knitted dress, opaque tights and suede ankle boots with tassels.

Pink Panther in black tights. And a furry bag.

I think the key here for me is to have a piece of clothing in one solid colour that matches one of the bag’s colours, and have everything else be black. I really like it this way and feel like nothing is off-place.

I feel I still have to be careful with the colourful piece though, because this red, pink and yellow are very in-your-face colours, and could easily get very traffic cone-y. The proportion of neutral must the higher. An all back outfit with red or yellow shoes would work perfectly, for example. This is a very specific way to dress to pull off the damn bag, which is testimony of a very non-versatile piece.

I’m one to learn with hardship. The current difficulty I have in finding ways to wear this extravagant, trendy piece made me come to a realisation.

I need to buy yellow shoes.

Photos by Sir Fiancé.

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