Sephora Favorites – Nude Look: a review

So Sephora speaks American English. Even in European stores. I’m gonna shut up before saying anything too politically incorrect over the lack of an “u” in the product name and show you what you came here for.

This won’t be an in-depth review as I haven’t tested these products fully, but more of an insight of what you get with this set, and if it’s worth it. The regular price is 32,60 euros but I purchased it with 20% off.

The full contents of the box.

The box comes with a full size Sephora brush and 5 mini sized makeup products. Let’s start with the ones I forgot to take an individual picture of:

Benefit Porefessional Primer: the squeeze tube contains 7,5 ml, (full size is 22 ml). The total value of it is 13,13 euros. It looks small but it’s packed to the brim and packaging is deceiving. It’s a typical silicone based primer that fills in the pores and makes foundation last a little longer (very much in line with Clarins Lisse Minute Base, Too Faced Primed and Poreless, Smashbox Photo Finish, etc). What surprised me was that for something so seemingly thick, it actually spread out very easily. A little can go a long way.

Sephora 06 Multitasker brush: the only full sized product, worth 15,50 euros. Of course the full size had to be a house brand product, the kit turns out cheaper to make that way. I actually really like it. It’s a dense, soft bristle brush, that has a bit more give than a kabuki but is still great for packing product and buffing out. I’ve used it with setting powder, to blend a contour cream, and to apply blush, and it worked well for any of those purposes. The best surprise of the pack.

The Becca corrector.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector: the amount is 2,3g (total value:14,45 euros) about half the full size (4,5g), although the packaging looks tiny. This was one I was curious to try out. It’s a pink toned concealer that’s supposed to counteract the dark tones of the under eye area. It does an ok job, and the texture is nice and doesn’t settle into fine lines. But I have concealers and foundations that cover better and look more natural, and I don’t feel like I need this underneath those full coverage products. Still, I will use it up.

The mini setting powder from the (understandably) shunned brand.

Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder: why did the woman have to be anti-vaccine? Now everybody stays clear of the brand due to the controversy and there are virtually no new reviews of her products. I refrain from getting Kat Von D stuff because of it, unless they come in sets like these were I won’t be out too much money if they turn out to be duds. And no, it’s not because of the anti-vaccine stuff, even though I strongly disagree with Kat Von D on that, but because if I only bought makeup from brands whose owners’ moral values matched my own, then I’d go bare faced. (I would also be less broke. Maybe there’s something to it…)

This is actually a good product. It’s nothing magical and groundbreaking, but it’s a good finely milled setting powder that like in typical loose form, helps disguise your pores while setting you without looking too cakey.

Hmmm, the Too Faced finishing, smoothing, blurrrring powder. The others were fillers, this was what I really wanted to try.

Too Faced Peach Blur Powder: Once again, half the full size(4g versus 8g). 16,95 euros worth of product. So far the value is strong (don’t worry, there’s a joke coming right ahead). This was the thing I was most excited about. It promised to blur and smooth, and it has that creamy powder formula that you see in a lot of highlighters now, although this claimed to be translucent in spite of the peachy colour. Well, it only claimed. The thing is freaking peach. It doesn’t really blur fine lines or pores either, certainly not more than most loose powders. I tried it under my eyes and it just looked unnatural. It does add a certain luminosity to the skin. This will work well as a subtle, smooth highlighter, but for it’s intended purpose, what a major disappointment.

The colours (colors?) of the last three products:

Wanna see something funny?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fawn Contour Stick: stick? Stick? No, that’s a nub.

That’s what she said.

Who? Wha- I mean, the packaging isn’t worth the minuscule amount it contains. Seriously, what a waste of plastic. The picture above is brand new, I swear I didn’t use it at the time of the photo. It’s supposed to be 2 g (7,45 euros worth) but seriously, why bother? This just makes the product look bad. It turns out fine for me because I have the ABH stick foundation and don’t like it (in short: too dry), so a bigger size of the same formula in a contour colour won’t do me any good, but still. Speaking of which, the full size is supposed to be 10 grams. Here’s a comparison:

The stick foundation at the top is more than halfway used. And they try to sell us that the top one full sized is only 5 times the one on the bottom.

The product itself is a bit better than the foundation, less difficult to blend, and the colour is cool toned without being too ashy, so great for contouring. But the fact that they say the full size is only 5 times this ridiculous sample is laughable to be. In case you didn’t read the picture legend: that foundation is about halfway used. Either the contour pigment is insanely heavy or ABH needs to get their scales checked.

All in all, is this worth it? I think so. Most certainly if you want/are considering to buy more that 2 items from the kit individually. Not all the products were winners, but I’m able to use them all without it being a nuisance because none of them is bad. I also don’t think I’ll repurchase any of the minis because none topped my current favourites, but I have wanted to try them and this way I won’t be stuck with bigger sizes.

Now, if you been following me closely (doubt it, I’m not that cute) you might be raising a reprimanding index finger and say that I broke my Project 10 Pan goal because this set contains 2 powders. But alas! Joke’s on you because I bought this before making that post. So I didn’t breach my project pan because I bought this kit.

I breached it when I got a MAC blotting powder two weeks ago.

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