Review | Coperni Mini Swipe Bag

Physical catalogs were basically eradicated with the rise of websites, stores are betting on e-commerce, and the concept of celebrities is changing with new forms of social media. The internet is the new electricity. It’s about time that fashion gets inspired by the digital world. Enter Coperni.

Coperni is a Parisian brand that’s been around since 2013, but was just recently relaunched, in 2018, after their founders decided to leave Courrèges where they were artistic directors. Coperni was born on Instagram and has stayed in the digital realm – if you follow a lot of fashion influencers, you’re bound to find these bags in your feed. It was the “it bag” of Paris fashion week back in September 2020.

The founders, Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer, describe the brand as “techno-chic”, with designs inspired by things they look at everyday, literally, like smartphones and their icons. The Mini Swipe Bag, specifically, is inspired after the shape of the toggle button in the airplane mode of an iPhone.

Get it? I’m an Android girl myself, so I had to Google that to understand what the hell they were talking about, but indeed, that green button does make for cute bag. I commend them for being inspired by something so sterile as a smartphone and coming up with something that’s original, streamlined, and not boring.

Personally, I look at the mini swipe and see an Easter egg rather than an iPhone icon, but that might just be because I’m on a diet.

One of their collections was even introduced at an Apple store (this is making me hungry) which is actually a bit ironic, because the mini Swipe won’t fit big smartphones. It barely fits an iPhone 11 Pro. Or so says my husband, ’cause he’s the Apple guy in this house – I can tell you from experience that it snuggly fits a Galaxy A40, a small wallet, keys and a lipstick shoved up inside the handle.

That’s a funny thing about this bag: the zippers go all the way around the handle and there’s empty space in there. Not practical storage, sure, but I rather have it than not. Access to the inside of the bag is kind of tight, so you may find you need to turn the flaps of the zipper outward in order to reach the bottom of the bag easily. I’m guessing the bigger size is probably easier to use, but I wanted something smaller that could fit a more formal look if I need it to.

The bag is made of smooth leather, and it’s very structured and feels sturdy and well made – reminds me a lot of Danse Lente when it comes to quality and durability.

I chose the Mini Swipe in mint green for my birthday present and I know I made a great choice. Coperni bags are a bit futuristic, structured, unconventional and kind of sporty. A weird combination that somehow works. You look at the Mini Swipe and you can see the modern, streamlined, technologic aesthetic, inspired by, and very fitting to, the new digital era. Or you just see an avocado. Either way. Cute.

Sidenote: I took a bit of a break from posting this month, and new posts will be more spaced out as I’m in the process of moving homes. Yep, we bought a house. Decor posts probably incoming, IDK, we’ll see. It has been a busy Summer.

2 thoughts on “Review | Coperni Mini Swipe Bag

  1. I truly love this bag! I have been eyeing the Coperni Swipe bag for a while, just waiting for a nice price drop to get it. I didn’t know the shape is inspired by the iPhone toggle button (and I own an iPhone!). Like you, I thought it was inspired by an egg shape. I love the brand bag concept. Their bags are like contemporary sculptures, geometrically inspired clean shapes, very modern and unique. Thank you for sharing this and I hope the house move is going well!

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    1. I truly recommend the bag if you can find it in a colour you like at a reduced price (check farfetch, I got mine there at 50% off) – it’s the bag I’ve gotten the most complements on! Everybody loves it!


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