Review | Moschino M Bag with Chain Link Shoulder Strap

It’s funny that bag reviews, although not the core of what this blog is about, keep getting me consistent views. I guess it makes sense, designer bags are an investment. Would it be so that I would have all the money in the world, I would get and review them all. You know, for the sake of the community. For today, I have the Moschino orange and blue polka dot M Bag.

The M Bag I own was from last year’s Spring/Summer collection, but Moschino always has the M bag available, either with prints, solid colours or in the quilted model. The bag and the blue handle at the top of the strap are made of smooth calfskin, and this leather feels very malleable. Being so smooth, I was expecting it to get easily scratched, but no. I don’t baby my bags by any means – I can guarantee you this has bumped into door locks, table corners, handrails, you name it – and yet there is not one scratch in it.

It is a small bag. The M bag in general comes in several sizes, and this might be one of the smallest (but the most proportional for my size, in my opinion). The overall dimensions are just under 19 cm width for 14 cm height (or 7,5 for 5,5 inches). It looks roomier than it actually is – if you check the inside, it fits a phone (with a screen no bigger than 6 inches), a small wallet, keys and, with a bit of Tetris skills, a lipstick.

The clasp is cute and smart, and easy to open. It’s not the most secure, you can flip it down pretty effortlessly, but it doesn’t come off unprovoked. It’s easy to open and remove an item from inside the bag with just one hand. There are two pockets on the inside: the back pocket fits cards and the front pocket is pretty much the length of the entire bag. If you carry only cards instead of cash or plan to use the bag as a wallet, the pockets might come in handy.

Since this has a chain link strap, you can’t adjust the bag height. It’s fixed at 50 cm. You also can’t use it as anything other than a shoulder bag, and even if you were to try and keep most of the strap inside the purse (to wear as a clutch) that strap would take up all the room in the bag, no space left for anything else.

It’s not the most versatile or sensible bag, but damn, is it cute. There’s always something with any Moschino collection that really speaks to the inner child of a fashion enthusiast. And like a 5 year old kid who walks around in their mother’s heels, it doesn’t make sense, it’s not practical, but it’s darn adorable.

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