Makeup Tag Week 2020! Day 6 – The Limited Edition Makeup Tag

Ahh, how much money do you think the makeup industry was made by tickling our FOMO brain cells? I get excited about a good LE collection – more so than a permanent product launch. I’m certainly part of the problem.

Makeup Tag Week is a series of posts of my answers to popular makeup tags spanning one week, one tag a day. Why? ‘Cause whenever I see someone else do tags I end up wasting waaaaay too much time trying to answer them for myself, and I thought I would give a better end use to my procrastination excuse.

1. What is the LE product you are most happy you got your hands on? For this answer I chose things that were sold out or never got to come to Portugal and that I ended up getting my hands on anyway. The one that I got more recently was the Huda Beauty Neon Orange palette, but Estée Lauder’s Heat Wave highlighter that I got in Istanbul, the Blush Horizon de Chanel and the MAC Bite of an Apple blush from the Venomous Villains collection also came to mind.

2. What is your least favorite LE products you picked up, the thing you could have been without? There are several things I could be without, but one that never gets used is The Body Shop Dazzling Rocks in shade 01 Golden Copper. I don’t know what this is supposed to be. It’s gold-ish, but then has these brown pearls that make it too dark for me for it to be a highlighter, but it’s too shiny for a bronzer.

3. What brand do you think does LE best? This is controversial, but I have to say MAC. Yes, they sometimes downgrade the quality in the LE collections and yes, they tend to pump out too many, but when I think of iconic collections, 90% of them are MAC – and a lot of the time the quality is good to great. Hello Kitty, Venomous Villains, Marilyn Monroe, the Simpsons, Selena… The holiday collections are the worst offenders when it comes to bad quality, but even those have been amazing for the past few years.

4. And to flip things over, what brand do you think does LE the worst? Urban Decay. I own a lot from the brad and almost nothing is LE. I just don’t get excited, the permanent collection items are much more appealing. Take the Game of Thrones collection for example: that palette was ugly. Flat out.

5. Name one thing (or more) you wish wasn’t LE. Jouer Skinny Dip eyeshadow palette.

6. What is the thing that got away, the thing you missed and will forever regret not getting? MAC Marine Life High-Light powder, that large blush with sea horse imprint – it was beautiful. I could have gotten it, I had it in my hand, but opted from a brush instead (money was tight, college years). That blush was one for the books.

7. What thing that was LE but was made permanent later on made the most sense vs the least sense to you? The MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes for most sense, some of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes for least. The Extra Dimension highlighters came out first as LE items, and then some of the most popular shades were made permanent. Kudos. However – why was the Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish made permanent all of a sudden and Perfect Topping wasn’t? Or Stereo Rose? It wasn’t the obvious choice, if you ask me.

MAC Extra Dimension and Mineralize Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt and Lightscapade, respectively.

8. What thing that is permanent do you think would have been better off LE? I don’t think it would be better off LE for consumers, but it might be for the brand: the Urban Decay Moondust palette. Seems like the best deal is to get this instead of any of the individual Moondust eyeshadows, and the palette is diverse enough to answer any glitter needs a consumer might have, so it seems to me like this would make more sense as a holiday palette rather than a permanent one. But what do I know.

9. What is the best collab LE thing release so far according to you? That I have managed to purchase, the Jackie Aina ABH palette (pictured in the first photo of this post). But the Mel Thompson and Sydney Grace palette that was just released, Tiny Marvels, looks really great also.

10. What LE (or collab LE) item would you like to see released? Glam & Gore and Illamasqua – I think they would go together perfectly. Alexandre McQueen and MAC, but done right, with over the top sculptural packaging.

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