Makeup Tag Week 2020! Day 5 – All About My Palettes Tag

For this post I considered a palette something with 5 or more shades, to make my life easier. So quads don’t count. And it was enough trouble as is was to chose some of these answers, so commend me for my effort, I deserve it.

Makeup Tag Week is a series of posts of my answers to popular makeup tags spanning one week, one tag a day. Why? ‘Cause whenever I see someone else do tags I end up wasting waaaaay too much time trying to answer them for myself, and I thought I would give a better end use to my procrastination excuse.

Newest palette: Viseart Neutral Matte (01)

There was a discount at Sephora and Viseart palette on a wishlist, and from that marriage came the Neutral Mattes palette, delivered by a stork a DHL man at my doorstep.

Oldest Palette: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box

This is actually a palette with a collection of Urban Decay’s Deluxe shadows, which were these bigger pan, supposedly more luxe line of eyeshadows the brand used to have. This token of my old age and hoarder habits has long been discontinued. I’ve been trying to pan one of the shades (yeah, I still use it).

Cheapest Palette: Beauty UK palettes

This brand isn’t available in Portugal – but one Summer, they showed up in our drugstore shelves, only to be gone as soon as Fall came. Like many others from the UK, they came for a little vacation. I went all Pokemon on them and nearly caught them all – at 5€ each, it was worth it.

Most Expensive Palette: Natasha Denona Sunset / Dior Terra (786)

You can look at these most/least expensive two ways: total palette price or price per gram. Total price was definitely the Natasha Denona Sunset palette, since it cost me about 90€.

But per gram, it’s only 2,4€/g. Nothing beats the Dior Terra quint, that was a whopping 47,5€ for 3 grams of product – that’s 15,8€/g. It’s a good palette, but it was a ridiculous purchase.

And I bought both with a 20% discount, btw.

Everyday palette: Huda Beauty Warm Browns

I don’t actually have a good answer for this because I use everything I have, but this palette came to mind because it’s what I tend to use on an everyday basis when in vacation. It’s compact, with cardboard packaging (that’s more resistant to shock than hard plastic) and contains 9 everyday, easy to use tones that are also easy to amp up if needed.

Most colorful palette: Sleek Acid Palette

I have a couple of rainbow palettes, but I had to go with this near-radioactive one for my answer. It’s not a great palette. The neon shadows are chalky, and somewhat sheer. But the truth is, they are very unique.

Smallest palette: Wet n Wild 6 pan ColorIcon palettes

Beauty UK and Zoeva travel palette on the right for size comparison.

With “smallest” I interpreted this like “the least volume”. The Dior quints have slighty less surface area than these palettes but they’re bulkier. Anyway, these 6-pan palettes were some of the best this industry has ever seen, and have heartbreaking-ly been discontinued. That ballerina pink on the top left corner of the Lust palette is the best pastel matte I’ve ever tried, and my favorite pink eyeshadow of all time.

Biggest palette: Too Faced Sweet Dreams Holiday palette (pre made), KIKO custom palette

The actually biggest palette I have is the 24 shadow clic system palette from Kiko. This entire system was discontinued, unfortunately.

I’m not sure if custom palettes count for this tag, so I have a pre-made palette answer as well. I don’t tend to buy those blockbuster palettes many brands come out with during the holidays because the quality is usually terrible, but how could I not get this Too Faced one? The year was 2011, I was deep in love with makeup and this totally swooned me. And it’s not half bad.

Best memory: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Desert Heat eyeshadow palette

I bought this palette at Istanbul’s airport, when we were returning from the trip where we got engaged. It’ll always be special.

Worth the hype: Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina palette

The quality is there and the color story is top notch. It’s just such an interesting product. I tried so hard to talk myself out of getting this when it came out and I’m so glad I failed.

Not worth the hype: Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette

I mean, it’s fine. It’s not a bad product but I don’t get the hype: the colors are nothing new, the mattes are powdery and some of the shimmers are clunky and have a lot of fallout. It was my first ABH palette and honestly I was a bit disappointed.

Favorite palette from a favorite brand: Urban Decay Born to Run

Urban Decay has some big misses, but their hits are out of the park ones. The color story of this one is amazing as well (and has some similarities with Jackie Aina’s… I guess I have a pattern) and the quality is superb.

Most used palette: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I love this thing so much. Even though it’s full of neutral eyeshadows, there is variety in the looks one is able to do with it. The eyeshadows are amazing. I learned to do smokey eyes with this. It’s beaten, it’s been discontinued, but I’ll never get rid of it.

2 thoughts on “Makeup Tag Week 2020! Day 5 – All About My Palettes Tag

  1. I have some super old palettes but can never seem to toss them because I keep telling myself it would be such a waste and there is always a shadow that I love in them. One day, I’ll have the courage to wean the collection down a bit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I’m the queen of keeping everything. Even if I don’t wear them much what if there comes the time where I need that one specific eyeshadow/dress/shoe? It happened once in 2006, it can happen again!


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