15 (politically incorrect) Lessons I Learned in 30 Years of Life

1. The fact that forgiveness is the key to happiness doesn’t mean revenge doesn’t feel good.

2. No matter how anti-piracy you are, you’ll never pay for WinRar.

3. You’ll never know what tomorrow will bring, but try to guess.

4. The 2 most important things to bring when travelling abroad is your ID and Imodium.

5. People with a high tolerance for messiness are usually more intelligent than very organised and uptight people (key word “usually”, not “always”).

6. Karma is a fickle b*tch. Doesn’t always show up. There’s a lot of bad things happening to good people and a lot of terrible people that live a great life without ever getting what’s coming to them.

7. Melon and parma ham don’t go together.

8. Wikipedia is a great source. It’s more accurate than some books.

9. The frase “never meet your idols” is inherently wrong. One just shouldn’t idolise people. Humans are faulty and imperfect.

10. Financial comfort is not about saving more, it’s about earning more.

11. If someone doesn’t leave you alone even though you already asked multiple times, block them. Block their phone number, from facebook/linkedin/whatever. Don’t worry about coming off rude.

12. There’s genuine happiness in futile things.

13. Giving people second chances ends up being a bad idea almost 100% of the time.

14. He’s short? She’s overweight? Get over it. My mother told me, when I was still in kindergarten, that what matters is how a person is on the inside. There, simple. So when the f*ck did it become socially acceptable to attach love to something so superficial as looks? Are people with birth defects not deserving of love, then? If someone gets a scar on their face, is it legitime for their spouse to stop loving them? If such is true than I’m sorry, but I don’t believe there was love there at all to begin with. Physical attraction is all very real and such – but love is much, much deeper.

15. Never. Pay. Upfront.

It was my 30th birthday two weeks ago. 30 lessons in would be a better number to go with 30 years of life, but I really haven’t learned that much.

I did learn that people in their thirties don’t know how to be adults that much better than when they were in their yearly twenties. We all just take part in this massive conspiracy where we fake that we know what we’re doing, so that young kids think we have our sh*t together (we really don’t).

2 thoughts on “15 (politically incorrect) Lessons I Learned in 30 Years of Life

  1. First lesson is my favourite “The fact that forgiveness is the key to happiness doesn’t mean revenge doesn’t feel good.” So,so true😅😅😅😅

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