Quarantine is turning me into Schrödinger’s Cat.

I know that’s not the picture of a cat, but I couldn’t find a royalty free scowl that was that representative of my state of mind, so you’ll have to deal with the owl.

I’m a level-headed, reasonable, logical person who is guided by facts and facts alone. So you might wonder how come I’m starting to get affected by the covid quarantine 2 months after it ended.

Well, because f*ck logic. Nothing makes sense anymore.

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15 (politically incorrect) Lessons I Learned in 30 Years of Life

1. The fact that forgiveness is the key to happiness doesn’t mean revenge doesn’t feel good.

2. No matter how anti-piracy you are, you’ll never pay for WinRar.

3. You’ll never know what tomorrow will bring, but try to guess.

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My wedding dress was taken hostage – part two.

In case you haven’t read the first part of this story, I’ll start with the same disclaimer: this is not a joke. This actually happened to me.

If you haven’t, go read that first post. It’s important for context and I’m 100% sure that you will laugh at my misery. It’s ok. I would if I was you.

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My wedding dress was taken hostage.

This isn’t a joke. It was March 14th 2020, my wedding was supposed to be in 2 months, we were living a f*cking full fledged pandemic, I was starting a post graduate program along with a new full time job, so I needed something to provide me with the stress I was clearly lacking. I guess a missing wedding dress would do it.

I’m not a cheap bride. I wasn’t looking for a deal. I got my dress at a respectable, well rated store. Well. That store was sold at the end of last year. And the new owner is, for the lack of a better word, hum, ratchet.

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The Past Year in Makeup Tag

In my 19 Makeup Products of 2019 post there was so much left to say, that I decided to make a dedicated one with the rest of my random thoughts and reflections on the past year, makeup wise. Turns out my thoughts could be expressed in bullet points, and I ended up with what looks like a makeup tag. So I decided to turn it into a makeup tag.

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The Decluttering Falacy

Here’s what sparked this post: I have new clothes and the same non-existent space to store them, so I’ve been looking through items in my closet that can be donated. I’ve found two skirts that don’t fit properly anymore and a pair of lavender bell bottom pants. Except my mother told me she could dye them burgundy so the pants are staying.

I took advantage of the momentum and went through my eyeliners (hence the picture). I’m only getting rid of one because it’s the only one that’s dried out.

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An ugly sneaker, by any other name, is still ugly.

I feel like ranting, so indulge me.

I’ve been in Farfetch’s website lately to take advantage of their 30% extra of sale items, and obviously, I’ve browsed the shoe section. Since I tend to remove sneakers from my page – I always filter for mid and high heels – I had the hope feeling that the ugly shoe trend might be gone by now. I mean, it’s been a year.

How naive of me.

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So here’s the scoop.

I’m currently sitting at my couch, watching the latest “This Might Get Weird” podcast episode, eating Doritos. Finally.

I finished moving in with Sir Boyfriend. That implied moving in the 5 giant mirrored wardrobe units (and their content) that were lining the walls of my closet room on my previous house.

I started renting out said previous house, ’cause I’m a (small) home owner. That’s how I (modestly) roll.

Our balcony floor was cracked. Had to fix that.

Our eletric panel broke. Had to fix that.

Our kitchen is starting to fall apart. Still have to fix that.

Went to a wedding.

Gathered budgets for a new kitchen.

Went to another wedding.

Went to Turkey for 2 weeks and came back having to plan a wedding.

This was my sheepish way of telling you I was busy thus justifying my hiatus from blogging. And tell you I’m engaged.

engagement ring on a ballon basket over Kappadokya
He’s stuck with me. Score. 🙂

Sir Boyfriend will be Sir Fiancé from now on. I guess after the 2 days it took to move in the wardrobes, he realised I wasn’t going anywhere soon.