10 Random Facts About Me (aka I’m a weird human)

I think making the bed in the morning is the most useless and ridiculous chore.

I associate colours to vowels and numbers. Sometimes I can remember a name or date just by the colours I remember them having.

At work, instead of listening to music to focus like any normal human being, I go on youtube and put on Judge Judy episodes. I like to listen to an old angry woman screaming in my ears while I’m being productive.

You know when people say their grandmothers send them messages with LOL and WTF thinking that it means “lots of love” and “wow that’s fantastic”? I’ve always wondered who on Earth tells them that. There’s someone out there purposely misleading them. Who’s that person? They nasty. And funny.

I have one huge, black hair underneath my chin. Just one. Very dark. Very thick. I remove it and it doesn’t grow gradually. Just shows up full grown. It’s either there or it isn’t. Bastard.

I think people who don’t like other people eating popcorn in a movie theater are weird. And wrong. If they want complete silence then go watch a movie on their freaking couch, at their own home, because the best thing about going to the movies is the f*cking popcorns AND I’M GONNA EAT MY. DAMN. POPCORNS. KAY?? kay.

I never naturally blush. Ever. Even when I feel my skin burning with embarrassment – and sometimes it’s actually warm to the touch – my face doesn’t get red.

I love vinegar so much I put it in my white rice just as a pretext to eat it. People gave me the side eye about this and then sushi came around and all of a sudden, if you put raw fish in vinegared rice, it’s acceptable. But I’m the weird one because I liked it first without the raw fish. Pfff.

Fashion over comfort all day, any day.

My first job was at a big consulting company. In Portugal, if a company demands a dress code, they have to provide a sort of “clothing subsidy” to their employees, which this company didn’t do. After the “how to dress” presentation during the first week, where they told us we should wear neutral and formal clothes, neutral makeup, and neutral nail polish, I showed up with purple glitter eyeshadow the next day. I never wore as much bright makeup in my life as I did at that job.

Yours truly,

a high-heeled weirdo.

7 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me (aka I’m a weird human)

  1. Girrrl, there was a lady who said I needed to stop eating popcorn because it was distracting her from the movie. Do you know how hard my boyfriend had to fight to stop me from throwing it at her? I was like, “lady your very presence here is ruining the movie!”

    I love the color vowel number thing. So cool!

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  2. I can’t get over the fact that you watch Judge Judy to help yourself in being productive, I find it hilarious. I am a normal person then. Listening to pure rock, I feel most productive during that time. But thank you for all your other weird facts about yourself, very interesting.

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