Leather, Flare and Flower Power

It’s finally getting warmer and one is ready to ditch the turtlenecks. Although this might be the calm before the storm – literally, April is usually the rainiest month – I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

The look for the day ended up being very 70’s style. I wore a leather jacket with a flowery print button up shirt, my leather bucket bag, black flared trousers, and my new pointy pumps.

To where, you might ask? To go buy floor tiles at the hardware store. How glamourous.

Sir Boyfriend said I would be the “fanciest” person there. Over dressed as I might have been, my bag held an entire ceramic tile that was loose from our balcony, which we were trying to match at the store. So, you know, you can’t say I chose impractical attire. I did, but you can’t say that.

Those 70’s kids knew what they were doing though, with those bucket bags. I can pack a comfortable overnight kit in mine, which in festival days last for about a week.

If it fits your style, you really should consider one. I got it over a year ago and it’s my most worn bag since. It’s from Marta Ponti, a Portuguese leather company. It can carry books, a small computer, and snacks for a family of six. And the leather ages well, even with so much rough use. It’s the milf of bags.

After the store I suggested that we went to an outdoor café, partially to enjoy the good weather, mostly so I wouldn’t have spent time getting all dolled up to just go buy construction material.

A jar of sangria that was unexpectedly giant later -and I mean, huge, like 8 servings just for the both of usand we wen’t to dinner at a nearby restaurant because no one wanted to cook. Not me, not him, not the fire department.

So by the end of the day the outfit made total sense for the occasion. Yey me!

Photos by Sir Boyfriend.

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