Review, Swatches | Pat McGrath Sublime Skin Highlighter in Incandescent Gold 002

I’m a bit late to this party, I know. This highlighter was released earlier in the year, and is part of the collection made in collaboration with the popular Netflix show, Bridgerton. Just so you know, I didn’t bought it because of the show (watched 1 or 2 episodes – not for me). I’m not that superficial.

I bought it because it was pretty.

After falling victim to the charms of the Sublime Skin Highlighter released in the Holiday collection, I managed to resist for about 4 months before getting this one too. Look, it’s Pat McGrath, so we know the product is going to be good. I just wasn’t sure if it was unique enough to warrant a place in my storage system. Guess what, it is (not that it would made a difference though, I bought it without swatching).

Like the Holiday edition (Lunar Nude), this is a powder gelée formula, infused with tiny specks of micro glitter. The shade looks almost grey in the pan, but when swatched the colour shift’s to a much warmer tone, and what’s visible on the skin is a pale, lemon-y gold highlighter. Although the gel-powder formula makes this product less easy to pick up with a fluffy brush, I noticed it was easier than with the Lunar Nude highlighter. A dense brush is still recommended if you what a very intense look, but I used a wispy fan brush and still has good colour payoff.

Like I expected, the formula melts into the skin, and there is no patchiness or difficulty when blending. It also does not emphasise skin texture, even if heavily applied (although the visible shimmer particles prevent it from looking “natural” or very skin-like). I counted 11 hours with no fading before I removed it (over a full face of makeup, so the foundation and powder might’ve helped with longevity, but still).

I actually prefer this one to Lunar Nude. Although it pains me to watch as the gorgeous pan design gets fainter and fainter with every use, I’ll be using this one more. Suits my ghostly, jaundice-y yellow complexion more than Lunar Nude – even though Lunar Nude looks more natural (it does have a fleshy tone) and more wet like. Incandescent Gold is just more interesting.

There is your comparison swatch. And comparison pan designs. They are both stunning.

Incandescent Gold contains 10,5 grams of product (more than Lunar Nude). Although the pan design with the little cupid and his tiny naked butt is something worthy of note and reverence, the outside compact is not. A bit disappointing, honestly – the gold compact from the previous iteration is much more chic.

A great highlighter nonetheless. Totally recommend.

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