In a Black Hat, Mad About Plaid, no Funk in My Monks

It’s been a while since I’ve made an outfit post. With the corona still very much out there and my recent sideways growth, dressing up has been less than appealing. I find myself going shopping for coffee and bread in the same comfortable, still fitting sweatpants that I’ve slept in the previous night. I really needed to get out of this funk and put on some heels. So I did.

This is the first time I’m taking outfit pictures in the new house, and there are a lot of little corners in this apartment that are great backgrounds. I should take advantage of that more often. Hopefully I can get in the rhythm of dressing up a bit more, if nothing else just for the post and to feel more like myself again. The motto of this blog is “No Sneakers Allowed” for god’s sake!

I’m very much into long, high waisted skirts, and they are very much into me too. Now that I’m packing a few extra pounds, they still look flattering and slimming on me. Even with a picnic blanket type of plaid.

I went for a short but large neutral-toned knitted sweater and opaque black stockings with black and white monk-style shoes. I know, the heel is tiny, but baby steps, okay?? I’ve just managed to get out of my pyjamas. Give me some leeway here, people.

To top it off (ha!), a hat. A beret-style cap in black corduroy.

My husband said I reminded him of a girl from the French Resistance. I forgot how much I like the compliments. This getting all dolled-up business really has its benefits.

I need to burn my athleisure.

Photos by Sir Husband.

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