It’s raining colour! Colour Pursuits in Pucci Rain Boots

Even though I hate gloomy weather, I have been anxiously waiting for an opportunity to use and photograph these rain boots and make a post about them. This was love at first sight. They are colourful. They are Pucci. They have a freaking high heel. Barbie would wear this. My inner child is giddy.

Rain boots, in Portuguese, means galochas. And these are fabulous. Hence, meet the Fabulochas:

Fabulochas gonna fab.

People give names to their boats and cars, I baptised my Pucci rain boots. It’s a matter of importance. Priorities on fleek.

Emilio Pucci was a master of colourful patterns. You can spot a Pucci print miles away. There’s something very unique to them. To me, they’re the epitome of early sixties’ fashion. Pucci could have dressed the Jetsons.

The boots are not symmetrical. An OCD nightmare. Aren’t they cute?

Once again, an all black outfit would work great with something like this, but I like to challenge myself. So I went with painstakingly colourful.

I feel like mixing bright colours in the same outfit looks great if there’s one anchoring piece that has all these colours in itself. It gives purpose to the Carnival of colours.

I wore a loose fitted knitted berry top with a cut out detail and a pearl beaded collar, with a pleated skirt that has a white-to-mint ombre effect. In keeping with my anti-black theme this day, I chose a burgundy coloured overcoat. It has a cinched waist and a triangular shaped seam at the back that gives it a very elegant silhouette, in my opinion.

The bag is also a first in this blog. It’s a mini bucket bag from Ralph Lauren, of a very dark cherry colour and with gold hardware. I think the colour looks very chic. A very elegant way to bring around all your crap with you, because although mini, in true bucket bag form this fits anything from an extra pair of sunglasses to a spare toaster (in case you’re feeling snack-y).

Photos by Sir Fiancé.

5 thoughts on “It’s raining colour! Colour Pursuits in Pucci Rain Boots

  1. Those boots are so unique! Lucky you for scoring them!

    This post was great by the way! — love your cheeky commentary! Because yes, Pucci could’ve dressed the Jetsons and a Ralph Lauren mini bucket is quite an elegant way to tote ones crap 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I so glad you enjoyed the post! I know, those goddamn bucket bags, yesterday I discovered I had been carrying a belt – a large, waist belt – inside my current bucket bag for the past week and didn’t even noticed it was there 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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