Polka Dots and Orange Pop

Polka dots are one of those things that never go out of fashion. I have a knitted cropped top from Zara that’s been worn to death because it’s one of my favourites to wear with high-waisted bottoms. The good thing about a black and white print is that you can pair it with the loudest colour in you closet, if you want. I chose my bright orange pleated shorts.

Mini bags are a big trend for 2019, and my tiny leather barrel grants me that trendy card. Isn’t it cute? I love a quirky accessory. It’s from yet again, another Portuguese brand, Ceancarel. The cylinder shape held up well through all the wear.

Mini barrel bag from Ceancarel.

I paired the outfit with some black and “white” (more of a beige) booties and my trusted black overcoat. Love that word, booties. It’s the plural of more than small boots, hehe. I’m a child.

I also love everything about that overcoat, from the ruffled neckline to the cinched waist to the flared skirt. And I’ve loved it for a long time – it’s probably 8, 9 years old? It’s old enough to know how to read, that’s for sure. I have to find a replacement before it enters the preteen years and starts to transform from a preppy, goody two shoes girly piece to a rebellious, ripped, shabby rag.

I could have avoided the wrinkles on the shorts, but that would mean I would have to give up sitting. And I like to sit.

Photos by Sir Boyfriend.

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