Review, Swatches | RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer

I had a Sephora birthday gift card that I could use on only one product worth 30€ or less, so I went online to check what was available for 29,90€. RMS is new to Portuguese Sephora stores and the Buriti bronzer caught my eye. It’s not a new product by any means, but for some reason it’s getting some attention lately from the beauty community. Perfect for my gift card. Only thing is I wouldn’t get free shipping because I didn’t reach the 50€ minimum purchase.

Two bronzers and a foundation later, an order was placed. And here’s the review for the Buriti Bronzer.

I’m glad I gave in to the hype. It think RMS is starting to get popular because it fits the whole “clean beauty” trend that gained so much traction lately. I don’t really care about that, but I love stuff that makes my life easier, and this cream in particular just blends itself. I used a flat top duo fibre brush to apply it, and the products disperses itself beautifully and seamlessly, without messing up the base makeup I had already applied. My biggest problem with cream face products is that they tend to lift and move the foundation I previously put down, specially when they’re very pigmented, because they require more blending, and the more a brush or finger keeps moving a creamy product the more it messes with and moves the foundation underneath.

I don’t have that issue with the Buriti bronzer. It’s semi-sheer and that’s a good thing, because it looks more natural and I hardly need to diffuse it. For a heavier application I need to go in with a second layer, and it still looks natural – this is a hard one to overdo. It looks smooth on the skin and has a nice luminous sheen that makes the complexion look very natural.

The shade is a mid tone, rosy coppery brown with a subtle gold sheen. It is unique, and very interesting, but not a bronzer. At least on me. It has a strong pink undertone and reads very cool on my skin – but my complexion is super warm, like Simpson yellow warm, so it could just be a “me” thing. At first I thought it might work better as a blush on me, but after applying it on my face, it looks like it’s creating a shadow, so contour it is! Sheen and all. You can see some gold micro shimmer in the pot but on the skin it’s not obvious at all, so the product won’t look out of place if you use it as a contouring cream.

Packaging is really minimal, but it feels luxe. The glass pot has a nice weight to it and the pan is large enough to fit most face brushes you’ll to use to apply bronzer, even though overall it’s smaller than most cream eyeshadow pots. The amount of the cream bronzer is 5,67 grams – so not huge but not that skimpy either. The Chanel eyeshadow pot below is 4 grams of product and it’s more voluminous than the RMS bronzer.

I’m really happy with this. It’s been a while since I’ve been so pleased with a cream face product. Good job, RMS.

4 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer

  1. I own an RMS cream eyeshadow and I love it. Beautiful shade, very easy to apply, with a soft glowy finish and non-toxic. The only problem I had is that it creased on my eyelids after eight hours of wear, but this RMS bronzer seems the kind of product that stays in place. I love the hue, any makeup product with pink undertones is a winner for me. Thank you so much for your review!

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    1. Other than the bronzer, I only have a blush from RMS and my experience with it is still limited. Never tried an eye product from them, but I’m certainly curious, problem is, I have oily eyelids. Do you use eye primer?

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      1. No, I don´t actually. My skin is very dry and my eyelids even more so, very sensitive as well, so I can´t wear eye primers or concealer because the final result ends up all creased up and cakey (not to mention skin redness). RMS is actually the first cream eyeshadow that got creased on my eyelids. I´ll give it a go with another shade, maybe this one wasn´t ok because reviews on the product are great.

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