Review, Swatches | Lethal Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadows

lethal cosmetics matte eyeshadows in palette

Over the past few years, indie brands have been multiplying faster than rabbits – it’s that and celebrity beauty lines. Everybody wants to cash in on Rihanna’s idea. Indie brands, however have been changing the makeup game – multi chromes, unconventional shades – it’s so much more about filling the gap in the industry and less about selling to the masses – or at least, what the industry traditionally thinks is marketable to masses. In a nutshell, indie brands don’t care about the “enhancing your natural features” spiel, it’s all about artistry and self-expression. Fine by me, I love it all.

One of these brands that really caught my attention was Lethal Cosmetics, mainly because of two things:

  1. They have some really interesting matte pastel shades that looked very pigmented, which is a hard thing for pastels to be;
  2. They’re European! That makes shipping and customs taxes much less of a hassle.

So I went to their website and made myself a custom palette that ended up being perfect for spring in the bottom right half and perfect for fall in the top left half.

Look at those beautiful pans.

Lethal Cosmetics have a feature on their website, Palette Designer, where if you choose an empty palette and fill it with your custom shades (eyeshadows or face powders), a 20% discount is applied on the final cost. I took advantage of the deal and made my own pastel-grunge-rainbow palette, which cost 69.20€ instead of the regular 86.50€ (normal price is 6€ for each eyeshadow and 12€ for the empty palette).

I have quite a large makeup collection, and yet there is still a gap when it comes to colourful or pastel matte eyeshadows. These are hard to create by nature, and most brands don’t offer a large selection of this type of shades. Apart from Yonder, which is the second shade from the bottom row, I have no close dupes for these eyeshadows. Yonder is a greenish medium teal, super close (ever so slightly bluer) to Inglot’s 372 eyeshadow.

Below are the swatches; I used my fingers and it’s over no primer. The order is left to right, top to bottom:

The eyeshadows are a bit powdery. In fact, I haven’t had this palette for that long and it’s already sprinkled with dots of pigment everywhere. This may cause fallout, but it’s honestly a lot less than what you’d expect for something that kicks up so much powder in the pan. Spawn, Fahrenheit, Cascade an Crossroads have stained my eyelids.

There is honestly not one shade I’m disappointed with. They are super pigmented, blend like a dream, perform really well with primer, and last all day. I have not been able to give them a rest since trying them out. I use at least one in every eye look I do now. Even the lighter colours are surprisingly impactful. I would still recommend a primer for maximum payoff, but all of them build up nicely and don’t fade easily. Do you know how hard it is to find eyeshadows like these?? That Altitude colour – I’ve never found anything close that wasn’t crap.

The palette is made of a sturdy cardboad, with a big mirror, and it’s magnetized. Both the palette and the eyeshadows come individually packaged and you assemble them after you receive your order

Now they just have to come out with multi chromes so I can give them more of my money and fill another palette just with those.

7 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Lethal Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadows

  1. So pretty! I love the pan imprints, and I’m glad they ended up performing well. I’m always interested in indie brands. Nice post!

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