5 Beauty Products That Made My Life Easier

Easier as in, they solved some very, very first world problems nuisances. They won’t help you pass that damned final exam nor through that dream job interview – although you might face both tasks with hair and makeup on fleek on their account.

I’ve repurchased all of these, more than once, so let me explain why you might want to as well:

1.Batiste Dry Shampoo

A good companion for finals season.

Here’s to fooling everyone into thinking that you’ve showered.
This dry shampoo makes second (or third… or fifth) day hair look presentable: it helps absorb the natural oils produced at the base of the hair, and it actually gives a boost of volume to my roots.

You can tell others that it’s for when you just “haven’t washed your hair” – when in reality you haven’t washed anything in three days. Not even the dishes. Like deodorant for your head: it doesn’t really clean anything but it might cover up the filth just well enough to convince everyone you bathe regularly.

Just be careful to give it little rub at the roots to blend the product into the hair so you don’t end up with patches of white dust on your scalp.

2. Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

People, look at the tagline. Am I the only one who finds that hilarious? Is my mind too dirty?

The best tool to apply foundation with, specially heavy, fuller coverage ones, because it softens the finish to a more airbrushed, natural look. The only foundations I think
don’t work with this are the ones that don’t mix well with water.

Like it says right on the packaging, you have to “wet. squeeze. bounce” (insert snickering emoji here). These sponges get a lot larger when wet, and they have a more airy bounce that way . Whatever water is left also helps spread the foundation better, without the sponge absorbing too much product and making you waste foundation. It’s also good to apply loose or baked powders with.

3.Urban decay all Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

All. Night. Lo-ong.

Hairspray for your face. A staple at any wedding/drag queen show. Not only does it make your makeup last an eternity, looking “just done” for 8 hours, the spray also helps remove the powdery look your skin might get after finishing putting on your makeup, giving it, again, a more natural finish.

Once, at a wedding, 10 hours after getting ready, pounds of makeup on my face, Sir Boyfriend says, innocently, during the course of conversation about a girl with extremely cakey foundation we just saw pass, “you’re not wearing any today, right?”.

Best. Compliment. Ever. Go buy this.

4.Tresemmé hair hear protector

The third spray on this list. Don’t spare me the sprays. Spray it all on me!

The thing to tame the mane.

My hair is naturally wavy and prone to tangles. By when I blow dry it- savagely, because I’m always already 10 min late – using this heat protector, somehow it gets smoother, straighter, and less tangled throughout the day.

Not the mention the shine and the fact that my hair doesn’t get fried this way with the blow dryer heat, which is what this actually is meant to do. I’ve tried a lot of leave-in-hair products over the years – nothing works as well to make my hair less frizzy, more manageable and more hydrated than this.

5. Bioderma Sensibio h2o Micellar water makeup remover

Micellar Magical water.

The best makeup remover out there. Don’t be fooled by other brands of micellar water that don’t work half as good as this. Those nasty wannabes. This was the brand that started the trend.

Before discovering it, years ago, I resorted to using oil based makeup removers because they were the only ones that were able to dissolve the stubborn eye makeup, but then I would be left with an oily residue on my face that I just couldn’t take off, but wipes and oil-free removers would just mean that I would have to keep scrubbing my eyes like I was trying to get a wrinkle a day and then the skin burned and ugh, I couldn’t. deal.

My brattiness subsided when I found this product. One pass removes almost everything. Barely have to scrub my eyes now. I can’t be without it – it’s my makeup crack. Comes in different bottle sizes and I have them all. I own 3 travel sizes like the one you see above because I can smuggle them through airport security that way.

There you have it. If you needed excuses to buy more beauty products to overload your bathroom with, consider yourselves enabled. (I’m a terrible influence).

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