Dorateymur Black Suede Radio Boots – A shoe review

I do a lot of my procrastination browsing Farfetch. I justify it by telling myself that I’m looking for some things that are missing from my wardrobe: a wide brim black hat. Some knee-high socks. I desperately need a replacement for my worn-out black overcoat.

So after a lot of searching I got none of that and bought another pair of boots instead.

Hi, I’m a shoe addict. How you doin’?

Dorateymur black suede studded boots.

Dora Teymur, creator of the homonym label Dorateymur, is a young Turkish designer based in London. An aficionado of the mule before it was cool, he seems to have a grasp on emerging trends. Quirky, daring, often inspired by other eras, his designs are very identifiable. On my regular procrastination I keep checking Farfetch and getting drawn to his collection.

I scoured the world wide web for reviews prior to buying these, but couldn’t find much on Dorateymur, hence this post. Luxury brands and quality don’t always go hand in hand, sometimes they’re more like long distance pen pals. I waited for a sale before taking the plunge.

Farfetch order arrived, very giddy yours truly opens the package, and here is the verdict:

  • The suede was softer than I expected – and it’s not necessarily a good thing. The feel is velvetier than your typical, more rough suede, but I feel it’s also less durable and dust and hair really cling to it. Having said that, I’ve worn them for three 12+ hours days now, and it’s holding up well.
  • The interior is lined with red leather. These are the details that scream designer. From the top you can see the red trimming of the underlined red material.
  • The heel! So unique. I thought I would see bigger dents in them caused by the unforgiving Lisbon pavement, but so far so good.
  • I’m not a massive fan of pointy shoes, but it just works in this design. The very pointed toe is good for elongating the leg. And for balancing the boot’s silhouette. And for evoking a certain exoticness. And for killing cockroaches in room corners, as my grandmother romantically puts it. I don’t plan on putting that to the test.
The profile really reads Aladin’s lantern. Polka-dot tights genie not included.  

I have a very high foot arch and it was a bit tight at the beginning, but with wear the leather has given in and it’s actually a very comfortable shoe. The suede will require some maintenance, but overall it’s a solid – and beautiful – product.

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