Quarantine is turning me into Schrödinger’s Cat.

I know that’s not the picture of a cat, but I couldn’t find a royalty free scowl that was that representative of my state of mind, so you’ll have to deal with the owl.

I’m a level-headed, reasonable, logical person who is guided by facts and facts alone. So you might wonder how come I’m starting to get affected by the covid quarantine 2 months after it ended.

Well, because f*ck logic. Nothing makes sense anymore.

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My wedding dress was taken hostage – part two.

In case you haven’t read the first part of this story, I’ll start with the same disclaimer: this is not a joke. This actually happened to me.

If you haven’t, go read that first post. It’s important for context and I’m 100% sure that you will laugh at my misery. It’s ok. I would if I was you.

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My wedding dress was taken hostage.

This isn’t a joke. It was March 14th 2020, my wedding was supposed to be in 2 months, we were living a f*cking full fledged pandemic, I was starting a post graduate program along with a new full time job, so I needed something to provide me with the stress I was clearly lacking. I guess a missing wedding dress would do it.

I’m not a cheap bride. I wasn’t looking for a deal. I got my dress at a respectable, well rated store. Well. That store was sold at the end of last year. And the new owner is, for the lack of a better word, hum, ratchet.

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The Decluttering Falacy

Here’s what sparked this post: I have new clothes and the same non-existent space to store them, so I’ve been looking through items in my closet that can be donated. I’ve found two skirts that don’t fit properly anymore and a pair of lavender bell bottom pants. Except my mother told me she could dye them burgundy so the pants are staying.

I took advantage of the momentum and went through my eyeliners (hence the picture). I’m only getting rid of one because it’s the only one that’s dried out.

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An ugly sneaker, by any other name, is still ugly.

I feel like ranting, so indulge me.

I’ve been in Farfetch’s website lately to take advantage of their 30% extra of sale items, and obviously, I’ve browsed the shoe section. Since I tend to remove sneakers from my page – I always filter for mid and high heels – I had the hope feeling that the ugly shoe trend might be gone by now. I mean, it’s been a year.

How naive of me.

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