Fragrance Review | Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Mon Guerlain is a funny coincidence in my life. I bought it at an airport, without having heard of it before, and decided to commit to it on first whiff. Came to learn, a lot of people describe it as a “wife scent”. And that time at the airport, when I decided to get it, I was getting ready to board to go to Greece for my honeymoon. This is the first perfume I purchased after getting married.

It’s not a cosmic sign of the divine, don’t worry, it’s just that I’m drawn to mature, sophisticated womanly scents. Mon Guerlain came out in 2017 and she’s new, but she’s not young. It’s today’s version of a vintage scent, and it seems to be more consensual than other warm, powdery, “old lady” like perfumes.

The reason I got it is because I could (and still can) smell almonds, although that doesn’t seem to be part of the notes. I believe it’s the strong vanilla base note in conjunction with the wood that makes me reminiscent of almonds. This is described by Guerlain as a Fresh Oriental fragrance but the sweetness to it is so strong that’s it’s almost a gourmand scent. I tried to search for the notes and couldn’t find either a consensus or a reputable website that I could trust, but it seems safe to say there is lavender, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood in this fragrance.

This perfume doesn’t really evolve on me. I’ve read that some people detect a sharp scent of lavender when first applying, then the sweetness and softness of the vanilla comes in, but on me it’s pretty much the same on first application as it is throughout the day – and I don’t mind it at all, because I love it right off the bat. I personally can’t detect the lavender, but there is something that cuts through the sweetness and stops this fragrance from being sickening (and childish).

This is a comfortable scent. I keep reaching for it when I don’t know what I’m in a mood for or unsure of what’s more appropriate for the situation. It’s never offensive. It’s feminine but not girly, nor sexy; it’s soft, but present, and there is an elegance to it that’s so uncommon with sweeter fragrances. There’s depth to it.

It’s no mystery to me that people associate this fragrance with words like “wife”, “mom” or “aunt”, not because it’s dated or antiquated but because there’s that feminine warmth to it that you attribute to a comforting female figure.

Sillage is decent, but not overpowering. I just applied it on my wrists and I can smell it as I’m typing on the computer. As one goes through the day sillage gets gradually less powerful, but the scent is still very much present on my wrists after ten hours.

I would say this is a winter fragrance that’s not so intense that you couldn’t use it all year round. An all occasions perfume. Trust me, a great option for a signature scent, because it’s hard to dislike.

3 thoughts on “Fragrance Review | Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

  1. This is a fragrance I haven’t sampled yet. I’ll make sure I try it next time I go to Sephora. I almost bought the Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basílic from Guerlain as well, but I refrained because I have far too many unopened fragrances.

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    1. I just got a miniature of that one! I need to give it a try, I never tried anything from the Aqua Allegoria line. And Im on a quest to finally get the Chanel 19 this Christmas (hubby if you’re reading this <— there's your clue).

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      1. I actually sampled all Aqua Allegoria line the other day and Mandarine Basilic is my favorite. Let me know yours if you ever get the chance to sample the line. Regarding Chanel No19, I hope you get it this Christmas. I need to get one for myself too, my current bottle is almost finished.

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