My Wedding Scent: Prada Infusion D’Amande Review

Previously, in my post about my giant beauty haul, I mentioned I was on a hunt to find the ideal fragrance to wear on my wedding day. Avon’s Sweet Honesty and Guerlain’s L’Instant Magic were two of my favourite scents of all time, but both are no longer available, or at least they no longer sell them in Portugal.

You can tell by those two perfumes that I like powdery, clean and airy scents. So my hunt began. I ended up settling on Prada’s Infusion d’Amande, which even though it’s quite different from those previously mentioned, it still part of the light and powdery scent family, and it had as it’s star note something that’s very close to my heart: almonds.

I’m not that much of a sentimental person. Tradition dictates that the wedding must happen in the bride’s hometown, but in my case that didn’t make much sense. I’m from Algarve, south of Portugal, but most of our guests would come from Lisbon, where my fiancé was born and where I’ve lived for the past ten years. Even though I didn’t feel the need to have my wedding reflect my origins, it was nice to have a few details that were reflective of my roots, and almonds are a part of Algarve’s identity. They’re everywhere: in the landscape, in the culture, in the pastry, in my childhood.

The notes in Prada Infusion D’Amande are: Italian Mandarin and Bitter Almond, Star Anise and Heliotrope, Tonka Bean and Musk (for top, middle and base notes, respectively).

Upon first whiff, what I mainly detect is bitter almond. To me there’s no acidity, no citrus, no green scents, and I think the sharpness some people detect when first applying likely comes from the bitter part in the almond notes. That bitterness fades quite quickly, and you’re left with something more powdery, muskier, sweeter, but not sickly so. The almond remains very prevalent in my skin.

It’s very nutty and creamy, but I wouldn’t call it a gourmand. It does not smell like food. I don’t want to eat the scent. Some people mention they smell vanilla – I definitely don’t, and it’s not on the notes. I’m not a major fan of vanilla in fragrance, it can be too overpowering, and Infusion D’Amande is not that, at all.

In fact, the only thing I don’t like is that the sillage is very small – you really have to put your nose up close to your skin in order to detect it, but the longevity is pretty good (lasted about 8 hours on my skin). That makes it a safe scent though – you can dowse yourself in it and it won’t bother anyone around you. The fragrance is very soft, great for days when you have a headache.

Infusion D’Amande won’t make a statement, but it’s intimate, warm and comforting. And it stays true to it’s essence: almonds.

7 thoughts on “My Wedding Scent: Prada Infusion D’Amande Review

  1. I love fragrances, they’re one of my biggest beauty passions. Iris is my favorite note in a fragrance and I’m a big fan of Prada Infusion d’Iris, but I love having different sorts of fragrances and wear them depending on my mood, time of year or occasion. I haven’t tried Prada Infusion d’ Amande yet, but after reading your review I’m very curious about this fragrance, got to test it asap. Thank you for sharing the review!

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      1. I love many different style of fragrances, but my favorites are green fragrances with iris notes. My all time favorite is Chanel No19 and also Gucci Envy, but unfortunately it was discontinued few years back. I featured Prada Infusion d´Iris in the Summer Edit, but a full post on the fragrance is on the way!

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      2. Chanel Nº 19 is the only fragrance I keep buying on repeat. Timeless and subtle, I can´t never have enough. I really love the way it sits on my skin. The smell is truly unique, it lasts for hours but it´s never overwhelming. I´d love to know your thoughts about it if you get the chance to test it out. I must say it´s not an easy fragrance. My husband used to hate it at first, he was more used to sweet fragrances, but now he really loves it.

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      3. OMG I want to try it so bad!! I found a place that sells but only the 100 ml size. They have Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. Which one would you say? Sometimes they’re a bit different, I want to get it right 🙂

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      4. I use Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum is slightly more stronger and has a longer staying power, but I prefer Eau de Toilette because it´s a hint fresher and more delicate. I think they have discontinued the 50ml size. I would test it out before buying it though, beacuse a 100ml bottle is a big commitment and quite an expense if you end up not liking the fragrance.

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