guilty pleasures.

I’m admitting to them, so you can’t hold them against me. That’s how that works… right?

ASMR on youtube. It’s great. There’s something for everyone there. I’ve been a faithful watcher since 2013.

Seeing other people’s makeup collections. Pictures, videos, doesn’t matter. I really like the massive ones. The bigger the better.

Real Housewives of whatever. Of course. Can’t keep up with the Kardashians though – tried for 10 minutes back in 2010 and was bored to death.

Eating with my hands. French fries, fried chicken, popcorn. Some people are squeamish about getting their hands dirty when it comes to food. Maybe it’s because I’m used to eating sardines in my homeland – you have to eat it with your hands and any other way should be penalized with a fine and 3 months jail time for repeat offenders.

Squeezing blackheads, pimple popping. ‘Nough said.

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