Shop & Tell: shoe sales shopping spree

Try saying this post tittle three times fast.

I’m Achilles and these are my heels. I have a weakness for shoes and sales season is my second biggest enabler next to my mom.

The first pair was 70% (70%!!) off. They’re a greenish-taupe leather pump from Vicenza, a brazilian brand with classic yet modern designs, in my opinion. Kudos for them for adding the dust bag, it’s a nice – and chic – touch.

Sir Boyfriend calls these the Maltesers shoes. A pointy toe, which I’m not the biggest fan of, but it’s starting to grow on me. It adds a more professional touch to a pump. I ordered them on Eureka Shoe’s website.

Next up, another pair that was around 60-70% off. These came from Spartoo’s website and they were more of a “need”: it’s the result of a long pursuit for some rain boots, with a bit of a heel, that weren’t totally boring. They are from a Portuguese company called Cubanas, a quirky and sometimes irreverent brand, and have their trademark five-point star implanted on the shoe, which I appreciate for being an understated and generally complementing logo.

Finally, and probably the pair I’m most excited about, the NAE vegan Janeth White boots. On one of my procrastination episodes, I was down the shoe rabbit hole and ventured into the vegan fashion scene. Being that I usually prefer leather shoes because they last longer and age better than mostly plastic shoes, it surely is a conundrum from an ecological stand point because there is already too much plastic in the planet and it’s certainly better if you don’t have to replace your shoes every year.

NAE (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese vegan brand that according to them, builds shoes to last, sharing the ecological concerns in the production of the shoes as well, and doesn’t disregard the design and style part of footwear. A review of these boots will be coming up soon.

I live in a country with a long tradition of producing high quality shoes, and over the years a lot of factories that manufactured for other brands have launched their own house label, usually with very creative and unconventional designs.

I’m condemned for life.

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