Makeup Tag Week 2020! Day 2 – The Boujee Guru Tag

Considering the last post, I think one can infer about how bougie I want to be, but let’s access how much I really am.

Makeup Tag Week is a series of posts of my answers to popular makeup tags spanning one week, one tag a day. Why? ‘Cause whenever I see someone else do tags I end up wasting waaaaay too much time trying to answer them for myself, and I thought I would give a better end use to my procrastination excuse.

1. Would you rather buy one expensive/luxury item or buy several items with the same amount of money? I’m all for stretching a dollar (or euro) but I’m actually very comfortable with paying more for just one product if it does work better. Even if just slightly better.

2. When it comes to beauty products, do you believe the phrase “you get what you pay for”? Nah, you can have crap at any price point.

3. What’s the most expensive beauty item you’ve purchased with your own money? Natasha Denona Sunset palette. I don’t regret it, but I don’t see myself repeating the feat.

Natasha Denona Sunset palette

4. Are you willing to buy products at full price or do you usually wait for a sale or discount code? Almost exclusively wait for a discount. 90% of my collection was bought on some sort of sale/discount. Only if I want a highly coveted, limited edition item that’s likely to sell out in no time will I pay full price.

5. Where do you shop for beauty products the most? I don’t discriminate, I’ll mingle with all places: online, (British and Spanish websites mostly, because they’ll ship to Portugal), Sephora, MAC, pharmacies, rundown alleys – you name it, if there’s makeup I’ll go there.

6. How often do you get your nails and/or hair done? Hair, when I notice I don’t have bangs anymore. Nails, never.

7. Do you prefer long or short nails? That sweet spot of 2 mm.

8. Which makeup brush brand is your favorite? Again, I’ll mingle with all, I don’t have a favorite. Real techniques, Hakuhodo, elf, Make Up For Ever – I’m all over the place.

9. High end or drug store mascara? Drugstore. I’m not spending heavy coin on something that’s got to be thrown out every 3 months (I have been know to buy unnecessary kits just to get the mini size of high end mascara they come with though).

Drugstore mascaras I recently bought (and the high end minis that came in kits).

10. Think of your favorite makeup brand, is it Drugstore, High End, Luxury or Indie? High end, probably. It’s hard to pick just one, but Urban Decay and MAC come to mind and the price point is in that medium range.

11. Considering your answers to these questions, do you think you’re boujee? Well, I think you can say that I am boujee, but poor. So I’m as boujee as my bank account allows it.

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