Quarantine is turning me into Schrödinger’s Cat.

I know that’s not the picture of a cat, but I couldn’t find a royalty free scowl that was that representative of my state of mind, so you’ll have to deal with the owl.

I’m a level-headed, reasonable, logical person who is guided by facts and facts alone. So you might wonder how come I’m starting to get affected by the covid quarantine 2 months after it ended.

Well, because f*ck logic. Nothing makes sense anymore.

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Selfridges Beauty Sales Haul – Ltd. edition MAC, Huda Beauty, It Cosmetics

I saw Selfridges’ sales being announced somewhere about a month ago and decided to take a peek. Just a peek. Multiple orders later, I give you this (surprisingly unsponsored) post.

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Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bucket Bag in Peach and Lemon – a review

I’ve referenced in the past that one day, a Danse Lente bag would be mine. After a nearly year-long courtship and a lot of intense sale scouting, a mini Johnny bucket bag was mine. Danse Lente decided to launch the Johnny bucket bags in this pastel yellow/subdued coral colour combination for Spring/Summer 2020, and it was a great choice for warmer weather – it’s feminine, it’s classic, it reminds me of sorbet. It was meant to be.

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Makeup Empties – The Good, The Bad and The Tossed

I’ve mentioned before I don’t believe in declutters – I have a more medieval approach towards my makeup products: I keep them to serve as penitence for wasted money and to discourage myself from wasting more. So the only way anything leaves my makeup collection is either by getting used up or unmistakably turning bad.

So let’s see what products have managed to leave my Alcatraz of a vanity.

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Skincare Empties – Tried, tested… but trusted?

A retrospective analysis of skincare products I used up over the past few months: some staples, some discontinued treasures, and a few bad choices. And whether or not I will/can repurchase.

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Project 10 Pan – the Powder Purge Update #1

It’s been 9 months since my project pan introduction. Enough time to make a baby – not that that happened. That I know of. What I did make was some very noticeable progress on this project – I actually kept forgetting about the updates, and I’m literally writing this because I want to take the trash out and keep having these empty compacts laying around.

Now let’s move on with a brief description of the progress as I talk about my powders like bad tenants that won’t leave.

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Summer Makeup Favourites (2020)

Well, I’m still working from home, and I can’t really go anywhere without constantly giving my nose, mouth and chin a mini-sauna, courtesy of a surgical mask, so I’ve become less and less interested in outfits and clothes, and more and more into makeup. I can still look cute in my Zoom meetings, full glam on the face and pyjamas on my legs.

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H&M Glitterati Mascara Liners (review, swatches)

When I arose from my 2 month confinement, brushed my hair and put on shoes that were not slippers to go to an H&M on my first post-quarantine visit to a mall, my eyes (and mind) were so accustomed to gloom and darkness that anything that glittered was gold bought.

And these were on sale for 2 euros each. Cheap, just the way I like my glitter to be. Lucky for me these turned out to be oh my god so good.

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No one talks about… Clarins Mineral Sun Care Compact for Face SPF30 (review, swatches)

No one talks about…” is a series of makeup reviews of products that have very few to no reviews online (reviews on online stores are not accounted for). This is so that if you’re searching for a bit more information before biting the bullet, you’ll at least have these swatches, photos, and my humble opinion :).

I’m a weak woman. There was a 3 for 2 offer on suncare products on a Portuguese beauty website, and I caved and got myself two self tanner products, and this compact to make the 3 for 2. Even though I knew nothing about the compact and don’t really use self tanner.

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Bobbi Brown Summer Glow Collection 2020 – Bronzing Powder Duo (review, swatches)

I went ham on this year’s summer makeup collections. I actually rarely buy from Bobbi Brown, but the logical, impulse-controlling side of my brain decided to go on vacation this quarantine period and I couldn’t reach it for the life of me. So I ended up with more new makeup than I ever planned.

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