Le frique, c’est chic.

If you didn’t know the song, now you know, your life is better now. And if you know what youtuber I’m referencing with that last sentence, give yourself a cookie. Go on. Blame the calories on me.

Given the tag line of this blog, it’s ironic that the first picture of this post is a display of sneakers. But these are so original and colourful that they made it. Still not for me, still sneakers, but I reckon they’re cute.

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Travelling to London: Tales, Trends, Treats & Tips

A week ago, more or less, Sir Boyfriend and I took a small break from work and went to London for 3 days. Thank the travelling Gods for low-cost airliners that enable us to have more distant weekend getaways .

Being my second time around in the city, I had a few places left I had to check off the list. We also wanted some time to just wander off and enjoy the city. Staying true to a big European capital, London is full of history, culture, diversity and novelty.

This guide is divided into four major categories: a cultural visit to historical places, an enjoyement of trendy places and temporary exhibitions, the indulgement in shopping and eating experiences and useful tips for this trip.

Travelling to London – Part 1: The Tales

While planning for this trip we filled our itinerary with museums and royal palaces. Wouldn’t be a visit to London if we didn’t allow ourselves to be immersed in the history of the city and the tales of the kingdom.
We started with the furthest back history hotspot, chronologically speaking. The Natural History Museum was our first stop. 

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