Cult Beauty Haul (Low Buy Year? Never Met Her)

So, remember when I said I wouldn’t get the Unsung Heroes Beauty Bag? Well, I didn’t. You thought I did, didn’t you? You think I’m that weak, no self control, irresponsible person that gives in to her every beauty urges, don’t you? Well, joke’s on you. I didn’t get it.

My husband got it for me.

Well, it was a belated birthday gift (his first idea didn’t work out, apparently – he still won’t tell me what it was, even after strenuous attempts of persuasion and a lot of blackmailing, under the excuse that it might work out next time). Basically he saw me looking around at the Cult Beauty and gifted me a shopping spree on the website.

To get the Unsung Heroes Goody Bag, I got a few items that have been chillin’ in my wishlist for a long time – longest of all, the Kosas Moisturizing Baked Bronzer in shade Light/Soft Bronze. After a year of pining and yearning for it, I caved in. On first swatch it felt very soft and creamy. Texture is wonderful, but the undertone is a lot less yellow than it looks – it’s actually a very red toned bronzer.

Another product that was hanging around in the wishlist is the Victoria Beckham Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer. Criminally expensive, I decided to get just the smaller size. They justify the price due to it being made by Augustinus Bader, which is also a wickedly expensive cosmetics brand. I chose the shade Golden – I’ve been into illuminating primers lately.

Also I really wanted to try the Danessa Myricks Twin Flames multichrome pigment liquid eyeshadows – problem was, they were sold out of most of the shades I wanted. So I only got Lover, a shade that shifts from, and decided to go for another of Danessa’s products, the Colorfix Waterproof Matte Liquid Pigment in shade Desert Rose. It’s supposed to be a multipurpose cream pigment that can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, and be easy to use and very long lasting. I’ve only tried it on the eyes so far and was not disappointed.

The final item in my haul to qualify for the goody bag was the Cult Beauty Eye Edit. I’ve mentioned before how I think Cult Beauty makes good value edits, and this is one of them. I already know I like the Iconic London Triple Threat mascara, and the Natasha Denona mini Zendo palette and the Vieve eye wand were something I wanted to try, so those three product made the edit worth it to me. It also comes with finger gloves that I wouldn’t buy by itself but will use (meant to remove makeup, not cold fingertips), single use undereye patches from Wishful (sure, why not), The Inkey List’s Caffeine Eye Cream that I already tried and could take it or leave it, and the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, that I’ll be happy to try.

This is not everything in the goody bag. It’s just the products I felt made a nice composition for a photo. Then the picture got blurry. That’s what I get for not blogging for a month.

Last but not least, the goody bag. I’ve talked about the contents in detail in a previous post. Apart from the things I’ve mentioned that I would really like, I’m also very pleasantly surprised by the 19/99 pencil – super creamy, lovely nude color – the Dr. Dennis Gross pads, and the Nudestick Plush Paints (have only used it on the lips so far, but they feel like I’m wearing nothing, literally).

I have such a huge backlog of posts I want to do, but I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately. Trying to prove myself at work, construction going on at our new place, and a lot of other life stuff. I’m hoping everything falls into place once we move. I could use a life break.

One thought on “Cult Beauty Haul (Low Buy Year? Never Met Her)

  1. So many amazing beauty products! I hope you find the time to start blogging again and tell us all about these. I never thought of it but you´’ re right, The Kosas Bronzer is quite red toned. Might be one of the reasons I like it so much because I don’t feel comfortable wearing overly orange bronzers.

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