Review, Swatches | Dolce & Gabbana Solar Glow: Ultra-Light Bronzing Powder in Sand, Illuminating Powder Duo in Peach Blossom

I promised a review, it’s time to deliver it. Like I mentioned before, I wouldn’t really care if the quality wasn’t that good because the packaging is enough to make me happy. When it comes to makeup, I really can be that superficial. And Dolce & Gabbana might just be my trophy wife (it sure costs that much).

Let’s take the obvious out of the way: that packaging is stunning. It is plastic but it’s very well made, and has a nice weight to it. On the inside, there is a mirror the size of the full compact, and the powders have a really elegant pattern as well. And it comes with a little velvet pouch, like luxury makeup usually does. If there’s anything that would make you feel like an Italian heiress, besides a lot of money and a swoon worthy accent, is this packaging.

The Ultra-Light Bronzing Powder in shade 20 Sand is a light, neutral brown that’s very similar to my skin tone when I’m a bit more tan. I have it swatched on the image below, trust me – my hands are a lot more tan than my face, so it’s difficult to detect. The bronzing powder is ever so slightly rosier. This particular shade will work with fair to light skintones, but any darker than that, you won’t be able to see it.

The Illuminating Powder Duo in Peach Blossom has a very light pink on the left side, and a very warm, medium tone pink that leans almost peach on the right side.

All of the powders are a dream to work with. The bronzing powder is a soft, silky powder, with a subtle sheen and a skin-like finish. In the Illuminating Duo we have two different textures: the blush (right side) is very dense and creamy, almost like a powder-gelée formula, with a strong but smooth shine (almost metallic). The highlighter side however is a bit drier and more crumbly, but not powdery, and it has visible shimmer particles. All of them blend really easily though, and don’t emphasize skin texture.

For lasting powder, the bronzer starts to fade after 8 hours. The blush and highlighter last for a lot longer – they’re still very visible after 10 hours.

The Ultra-Light Bronzing Powder contains 12 grams and it’s £53. The Illuminating Powder contains 6,5grams on each side, so 13 grams in total for £55. They’re expensive, but the amount is pretty generous.

Look, I’m sold. Dolce & Gabbana won’t make you a better person, because it appeals to your shallow side by being pretty and then you’re hooked when you realise it’s good quality too. Not bad for a trophy. Next thing I’ll be trying is a lipstick, because I’ve learned nothing and the cap is really cute.

3 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Dolce & Gabbana Solar Glow: Ultra-Light Bronzing Powder in Sand, Illuminating Powder Duo in Peach Blossom

  1. I’ve never tried any Dolce & Gabbana makeup. I must say the packaging is stunning. The packaging in beauty products is a real plus to me as well. I adore everything that comes in beautiful, unique, good quality packaging. Skincare, fragrances, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes… you name it. If the product also happens to perform, then I’m absolutely sold. These two from Dolce & Gabbana are the best candidates to upgrade any makeup collection.

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