Project 10 Pan – Powder Purge

In order to curb my desire to acquire more makeup products, I allocate a “small” space in my vanity for them so that I’m constantly faced with the fact that there’s no space for new things. Doesn’t really work. My drawers are filled beyond capacity, and I’ve gotten to the point where it’s not my need for tidiness and practicality that’s stopping me from getting more, it’s physics. It just. won’t. fit.

Marie Kondo would die.

But I want to try new things like the Sisley Blur Expert powder and feel boogie and etc, etc, so I have to make space for it. I have too many halfway finished powders that just need to be done with and evicted from my collection. Hence, the project pan.

This is how old I am: I remember the invention of the project pan. The original creator was one of my favourite youtubers, lollipop26 (Laura Farrant), that has since stopped making and deleted all her videos. She came up with it in a very before-her-time attempt to refrain consumerism and spread the”enjoy what you already own” mentality within the online beauty community. She actually failed at her own challenge, so there’s some foreshadowing for ya.

Laura then had a blog, Buy Now Blog Later, that’s no longer up, but there is an instagram.

If you don’t already know, project pan is where you cease making new makeup purchases – whatever they may be – before you use up all the listed products. I’m not going crazy here so I just won’t buy any more powders before I finish these, hm kay? Kay.

Let’s take a look at my powdery mess:

  1. elf Complexion Perfection Powder – Really like it, already have a backup of it. It’s a bit chalky, but the multiple shades actually do help even-out skin tone and it’s a good oil controlling powder.
  2. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 006 Warm Beige– honestly, I don’t get the hype. It’s cheap, sure, but it’s not the most finely milled and its oil controlling properties aren’t good enough to compensate for that. It doesn’t mattify me more that any other regular powder.
  3. Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder – Pressed in Crystal– already have a backup as well. See, this is why I need to use these powders up once and for all: their successors are already jammed into the drawer causing a mess and contributing to my magpie reputation. This though, is one of my favourites. It’s finely milled, it smooths out your pores and fine lines, and it adds some luminosity to the skin without being too shiny. The only fault is that it could control oil for a bit longer.
  4. Guerlain Météorites Compact Powder in 3 Medium – Not for me. Much rather their loose pearl version. Being that I prefer to use pressed powder because it’s less messy, I thought I was going to love this. But the different coloured hexagons don’t erode the same way, and before you know it the mosaic starts breaking apart. It’s even messier than loose powder.
  5. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium – I go back and forth with this one. I was severely disappointed when I got it because of all the rave and the hype. It’s not a magical powder. It’s not as smooth and finely milled and discrete on the skin as my favourites. But since I was so disappointed, whenever use it, I’m always surprised that it’s not half bad. Secret to happiness: low expectations.
  6. The Balm Sexy Mama Powder– like the Rimmel powder, nothing to write home about. Just meh. The tiny cardboard packaging is great for travelling though.
  7. Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof in Translucent– not a bad powder, good to keep oil at bay. This was one of those waterproof powders where you can drop water on it and it just rolls off the surface. Pretty cool, I tested it. Not that it does much for your face. It’ll behave just as another powder if you shower or go for a swim with it.
  8. Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Compact Foundation in 025– I mean, the amount left is ridiculous. I need to get it over with. I use this as finishing powder because the texture is very smooth, velvet like, and it minimizes skin texture very well. It has medium coverage and I’ll repurchase a refill that’s more suited to my skintone, because this was a bit too dark and peachy.
  9. Chanel Vitalumière Compact Douceur Powder in 22 Beige Rosé– didn’t like it. It’s very obvious on the skin and wears out unevenly – you end up with patches of powder at the end of the day because the product starts to break down mid-day with your natural oils.
  10. Guerlain Les Voilettes Face Powder in 2 Clair – soft, smooth, it’s neck-in-neck with the NARS powder. I just go through this one so much faster, because it’s less hardly pressed. This is already a repurchase and I will buy it again.

Face powder is something that I actually go through quickly, and it’s not at all the overflowing category in my makeup collection (the fact that I describe my collection by “category” is an obvious tell tale that I have too much, I know. Let me be). But I’m starting this project pan small and easy, using up and not buying more powders (and only powders), because eyeshadow and blush are a lot harder to finish, so I won’t put myself through that privation only to fail and feel bad.

Low expectations, people. Secret to happiness.

8 thoughts on “Project 10 Pan – Powder Purge

    1. I tried to look it up and check if it was discontinued (because Catrice is naughty like that) and I’m still not sure, it seems to be sold out everywhere. If you find it, grab it 🙂 You got me curious! What products from your country would you recommend?


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