Let’s polka again!

Come on lets twist polka again, like you did last summer, bop bop.

It’s been so long since I’ve published that summer came and went and the clothes that I’ve worn past April are weather appropriate again. So this post is still totally relevant.

At the terrace of Casa Pinto, in Monsaraz.

We went during a long weekend to spend 4 days being all lovey-dovey in the medieval village of Monsaraz, in Alentejo. This was actually the last day and we were having breakfast on the bed & breakfast rooftop. Monsaraz is a village within an old castle’s walls, at the top of a hill, and so, as you can imagine, the view was breathtaking.

I wore a long, button up black polka dot dress with slits on the side. I love long dresses. They’re a one-piece-only outfit. They elongate the silhouette. You don’t have to shave your legs. Bunch of positives.

Me next to a wine pitcher big enough for me to live in.

We went to a vineyard late that morning. I kept the colour palette pretty neutral so I wore a camel suede-like bolero and some leather, Peter Pan-ish boots, by a Portuguese brand called Virus that I’m not sure is still around.

Peter Pan didn’t know Portuguese wine. Otherwise he wouldn’t mind ageing to 21.

The boots have a leather patch in the heel and toe area, and some archaic looking stitching. Kinda on brand with the medieval scenery.

At Herdade do Esporão – the vineyard – we went to visit their massive cellar, and at the end of one of the rooms there were these futuristic looking tables with oak samples for us to experience the scent of the different wine barrels.

Wine Aliens.

Either that or Aliens came to conquer the Earth but landed here and were too drunk to follow through with plan.

Photos by Sir Fiance.

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